Finding Ching Ha, Meeting Family



Understanding her diverse background, and being proud of it – that’s what will give her a sense of belonging, wherever she is.”

~ Finding Ching Ha

A Long-Lost-Family Union

It’s been a year since a DNA test found the family I had before my mother took me away from them and put up for adoption. Now, I am finally going to meet the uncle who helped raise me for the first three years of my life.

I’ve already become acquainted with him and my cousins via technology; texting, and video-chatting. Now that the pandemic restrictions have ended, I’m going to the United Kingdom to meet my long-lost family face-to-face.

It’s feels surreal still, to have this door in my life opened to me when, five decads after I was adopted, I never expected to stumble across family, insight into my life that I never thought I would know.

Travel is always fun, but this trip will be extra important, insightful, and life-changing. 

Check back for updates!