NOWhere – F.A.Q.s

This post is updated with new F.A.Q.s, so check back regularly.

What kind of writing are you looking for?

We are looking for something that is freshly expressed and evocative, that sparks thought, and emotion, and resonates with adoptees. 

How do I format my submission?

For submission and formatting guidelines, click here: NOWhere: Call for Submission Guidelines

Do I have to follow all the guidelines?

Only if you want to be considered for the anthology. The formatting and guidelines are set up to make it easier for us to work organize and work with the submissions on this end.

How will I know if my piece has been accepted?

Within 30-45 days after your submission, we will email you with notification that you have been accepted, and provide a contract for you to sign, stating that we may publish your piece, among other details.

How many pages will this anthology be?

It’s hard to say exactly because it depends on what types of writing are chosen for the anthology. That’s also why it is hard to say exactly how many authors and pieces there will be, but we estimate the anthology will be 180- 220 pages.

How do I find out what is going on with the project?

To stay posted on the status of this projects, please subscribe to the newsletter:

If my work is accepted what will happen?

If you have been accepted and we have received your signed agreement, we will send you a link to a private Contributor Newsletter so you can get the insider scoop on the project.’

Why am I not getting compensated more handsomely for my fabulous work?

The short answer is that we are self-publishing this anthology, so currently we can’t afford to pay anyone for their work without going into a deficit at this time. Also, the monies made from the purchase of this book will go towards the actual fees to publish each book, or be used to offset expenses such as reading, editing, marketing incurred during the creation of this project.

Why are you self-publishing this title?

We have chosen to self publish this title to maintain the integrity of the project, rather than leaving major decisions to a traditional publisher who might factor in elements such as profit margins, trends, political factors into their decisions about story selection, artwork, or other elements of the book. 

What rights are you asking for?

We are asking for Exclusive First Worldwide Publication and Electronic Rights for three months, and non-exclusive rights thereafter.

Why are you publishing in November, 2023?

Why not? Based on the estimates of how long it will take to choose submissions, format, receive contracts, and get the book ready for publication, we are hoping to publish this title in November so that it will be available for sale to Contributors and their family and friends alike. It will be a wonderful note to end and begin the year on.

Why aren’t you sure about the exact deadlines or publishing date?

The deadline and subsequent publishing date depends on the response and types of submissions we receive, how long it takes to edit and format for the submissions received and accepted, so we are adding “tentative,” to stay honest with contributors and ourselves, and keep expectations real. 

What if I change my mind about being in the anthology?

If you change your mind about submitting the piece, please email with your name and the title of the piece you would like to withdraw from consideration.

What if I want to change my bio.?

Contributors whose work has been accepted will have a chance to preview the final version of the story and bio to make final (quick) edits (no rewriting).

What if I don’t know how to proofread my submission?

If you want to be seriously considered for this anthology, and want to send us your best writing, maybe you can find someone else who can proofread your work. Often finding one or two people who can read your piece and give suggestions will improve your writing.

What if I have more questions?

Please stay tuned to this page where we will post information as it comes up.If you have a specific question, and can’t find it in any of the links provided, you can reach us at, but we’d rather spend time working on the project than replying to emails.